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yo quisiera ser ese por quien
te desvelas y te desesperas,
yo quisiera ser tu llanto,
ese que viene de tus sentimientos,
yo quisiera ser ese por quien
tu despertaras ilusionado

August 28th was a Monday

and he couldn’t have come at the most perfect time. 

Took a shiner from the fist of your best friend (go figure)
It’s clear that someone’s gotta go
We mean it but I promise we’re not mean
– oh Lorde..
Day One.

Today I start my first day if my probation internship at OCPD, I couldn’t be more excited. Law enforcement was always my sisters thing but i think i am going to fall in love with this field. I dont know what to expect i dont have many followers but i want to blog about my experience. I’m 5’3 and drive a bug so im not intimidating but thats just a cover up of my toughness. “Officer Cortez”, definitely has a nice ring to it and i can totally get used to it. Wish me luck.  

I Want.

I think im waiting for someone to jump out of the bushes and say, “hi, i love you”, which is never going to happen or waiting for the douche to change his mind and say, “im just kidding, i really do like you.” maybe i should just stop wanting someone who is perfect and just let things happen with someone is theres anyone out there willing to put up with me. i love my life as it is right now but sometimes i feel lonely and want someone to call when im mad someone who will catch me when i fall or just simply say, “everything is going to be alright..” or maybe im expecting too much. 

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